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Our company

The goal of our company is to deliver high quality automation solutions for many types of FMCG needs. Since the company inception we have been involved in projects across the world, involved in the design, development and commissioning of many types of processes and many types of solutions. Whether the final solution is lightly or heavily automated, the quality of service and support delivered by Cvar is the same. Cvar can support company needs to deliver automation software for a wide range of needs including processing, raw materials handling, transport and packaging.
Cvar is based in the UK and with the growing trend on remote access via VPN or one of the many other remote connection protocols, the world is becoming a very small place to maintain a good support level. With over 20 years experience within the FMCG industry, we have experience with several solutions for automation needs. The main aim of Cvar is to provide professional support for new or existing projects within the automation sector, utilising the wealth of experience gained over many years and in many different types of production environments. Cvar is fully conversant in many of the major manufacturing automation platforms including Siemens, Allen Bradley and Omron, alongside the SCADA/HMI automation solutions.
  • Automation solutions designed and delivered using a wide range of hardware suited to the customers needs
  • Full FDS creation
  • Flexibility for support to realise project deadlines
  • Project / Machinery software solutions and commissioning
  • Training

Typical project path

  • Design - Talk to client engineers and designers to understand the system in order to be able to translate the ideas into the finished product, look for potential problems regarding software/hardware design
  • Write an FDS (Functional Design Specification) - Collate all ideas from the clients and perform the initial structuring of the software design by writing down all necessary functions of the machine in an easy to read format and send the draft of the FDS for verification to the client and modify as necessary according to feedback received
  • Acquire hardware (PLC + HMI/Scada) - The PLC/SCADA/DCS can then be used to begin simulation of the software written to the FDS
  • Coding / simulation - Can be done in parallel if time constraints are an issue
  • Preliminary testing at client premises with equipment - Load software and test hardware functionality and modify system as per test outcome
  • Customer license acquisition - Once system has been approved by the client the final license requirement for equipment software can be evaluated and bought
  • System sign off - Client must give approval that the system is as required after full commissioning and functions as expected
  • Continued support - via remote access if available / phone / email / site visits

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